Flavored Rooibos Tea – Good Luck – No. 853 –


Composition: Rooibos, pineapple and papaya (candied), raisins, strawberries and raspberries (freeze-dried), rose and sunflower petals, aroma.

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Composition: Rooibos tea, pineapple and papaya (candied), raisins, strawberries and raspberries (freeze-dried), rose and sunflower petals, aroma.

Blend of the most balanced and relaxing taste with delicate aroma. Perfect as an afrernoon brew. Tastes lovely with a pinch of brown sugar or a drop of honey.

You can brew up to 5 min. at 95°C, then separate the leaves from the infusion.
One amount of leaves can be brewed even 2 times (it’s advised to infuse a bit longer with second brew).


Sampler (approx. 20g), 50g, 125g (for the price of 100g), 250g (for the price of 200g), 1kg

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