SPECIALITY COFFEE – ORGANIC Arabica – Ethiopia Djimmah – No.16 – Strenght 2


Fully organic coffee, wild and primitive, also known as “the mother of coffee.”

Body:●●○○○ Acidity:●●●●○
Intensity:●●●○○ Roast:●●○○○

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Coffee wild and primitive, also known as “the mother of coffee”.
It is characterized by an intense wine flavor with distinct notes of dark chocolate. Djimmah does not showcase its beautiful grain – its fruits are rather small and irregular. This is due to its wild origin which, however, hides the wealth of flavor. Ethiopia is considered the homeland of coffee, but the coffee began to be grown there quite late, due to the fact that the people of Ethiopia harvested enough coffee for their own needs from wild growing plants. To this day, coffee grows in the wild, and one of the naturally growing coffees in Ethiopia is Djimmah. It’s manually harvested from wild plants, so it is a fully natural & organic coffee.

Origin: Africa, Ethiopia
Region: Dijmmah
Co-operation: Small producers (Natural & Organic)
Varietal: Arabica / Heirloom
: Natural
Altitude: 1700 – 1920 metres
Harvest: September – December
Aroma: Strong, specific aroma, wine & fruit accents

Body:●●○○○ Acidity:●●●●○
Intensity:●●●○○ Roast:●●○○○

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