Do you enjoy a cup of aromatic tea? We offer a wide range of loose leaf teas and not only among classic black tea but also teas flavoured with spices, herbs, bits of fruit or flower petals. We also have a large variety of our natural teas, organic teas, herbal tea, green tea, red tea, yellow tea and white tea, Rooibos tea, Oolong tea, Pu-Erh tea, Yerba Mate and more! If you like something a bit different, we have lots of fruit teas to choose from too!

Have you ever tried a blossoming tea? We have a wide range of those too! Flowering teas are perfect as a gift for the ones you love but you can also chill out with a lovely cup of flowering tea which are extremely aromatic and tasty!

We are passionate about our teas and import the best quality tea leaves from various parts of the world, from best fairtrade plantations such as Japan, India, Ceylon and continental Europe. We offer luxurious teas at affordable prices, efficiently packed for you, or as a ”Tea lover” gift for someone else.


How about a cup of  aromatic coffee in the morning? Our shop will supply you or your business in self-roasted coffee beans from fairtrade plantations all over the world, ranging in places such as Cuba, Kenya, Nicaragua, Brazil, Jamaica and Ethiopia where we get our perfect Arabica coffee beans from. If you like things out of the box, try our flavoured coffees with a beautiful scent of oranges, cinnamon, chocolate, rum or Irish Whiskey. Of course there’s many more of them to choose from!

All of our coffees are self-roasted. Our Director Greg and Master Roaster Peter see the potential in every bean and come up with a roast profile to match, bringing out the coffee’s unique aromas and flavours. Greg has also made our own blend called ”Café C” which is now getting famous by being served at our café at Leeds Kirkgate Market.

We sell whole coffee beans but don’t worry if you like to buy ground coffee – we’ll grind your coffee beans precisely for your coffee machine.

Freshness has a huge impact on flavour, that’s why all our coffees are packed straight after the roasting and cooling proccess and ready to be sold whithin 24 hours of roasting.


Our variety of herbs and herbal tea blends will provide you a healthy equivalent of supplements and artificial medicines. You will be surprised, how natural methods can help you stay healthy and fight infections. Among our natural products  you may find a great variety of pure and 100% natural honey. Depending on the pollen gathered by bees, different types of honey help with hay fever, support your immune system and help with colds.

As our Director, Greg is very passionate not just about good quality teas and coffees, he’s also an owner of a few beehives at a private and ecologic set of beehives in Mielec – South Poland which is a non-industrial area, placed in Bieszczady Mountains  so our honey comes from the clearest and most ecologic area you can image!


EN ISO NO. : 9001 : 2000

CERIFICATE NO. : 75 100 307 06


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You won’t find better prices for such a good quality products. We have the cheapest tea leaves and cheapest coffee beans in the whole range of coffees and teas being sold online and served in West Yorkshire, UK. We guarantee the best quality tea leaves, coffee beans, herbs and honey for the lowest prices possible! You can get e.g. 50g of loose green tea leaves for as little as £1,50!

Enjoy your shopping!