Personal Shopper @ Leeds Kirkgate Market 17-18/11/2016

Every Bean tells a Story


Bart  (Photo by Marcin Musiol)
TEAPOT in the Food Hall is an independent shop with over 100 teas and over 70 different coffee beans to choose from, along with Rooibos and herbal teas such as the South American originated ‘Yerba Mate’. The tea comes from a private blendery and the coffee is roasted in a private roaster. The stall represents a kind of library of Teas or an Atlas of Coffee. On this micro-tour, Bart presented a trip through time and space; a map of the world marked out with coffee beans telling us about the origin of the products as well as the history and impact of coffee in Europe. He spoken about the way in which this special tropical plant, formally used and imbibed at rituals to ‘open the mind’ has become a daily habit tinged with sense of sophistication. While the tour of this stall touched on global issues, Bart also talked about the stall and cafe as a local social hub and meeting place providing more than a cuppa.
“…Sitting together and drinking tea or coffee makes us human… and in that way, something of the power of ritual is still retained…”
Every Bean tells a Story…
(Article by Katie Etheridge)

Bart presenting our coffee – (Photo by Anna Pawlasek)
Personal Shopper: Cornucopia! is the culmination of a 3 year project by Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti exploring and celebrating the rich network of relationships between shoppers, traders and goods in Kirkgate Market.

In the sensory labyrinth of Leeds Kirkgate Market, Personal Shopper: Cornucopia! is the market in microcosm, a 21st Century Still Life of fruit, fish, textiles, jewellery, frying pans, friends and experiences. Offering a pick-and-mix selection of micro tours led by local shoppers, traders, market enthusiasts and mis-guides, Katie and Simon invite you to navigate the Market through a series of idiosyncratic Personal Shopper tours where poetic, playful and practical insights are intertwined with personal histories, individual passions, and lived experiences.

Details and timings of individual tours are available on the Compass Festival website.

The tours are collected in a new publication: Personal Shopper: A Market Mis-Guide available to buy from the stall.

Commissioned by Compass Festival.

Personal Shopper 2016 – Group II (Photo by Anna Pawlasek)

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