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Black Tea Lover – Set 3 –


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A selection of fresh black teas – pure & blends – 5 x 50g

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A selection of fresh black teas – pure & blends – 5 x 50g

  1. Ginger & Orange – No.153 – Composition: black tea, pieces of ginger, orange peel, red pepper, acacia flowers, marigold flowers, aroma.

  2. Strawberry – No.162 – Composition of black tea, strawberries, aroma. Gentle taste of black tea with slightly bitter notes are perfectly composed with rich but smooth aftertastes of creamy strawberries.

  3. Kenya – GFBOP Milima – No.117 – Original tea from Kericho district in Kenya. It’s high quality is best shown by the golden tips among other leaves which are traditionally crushed. Gives intense orange brew with rich, earthy and slightly barky aroma.

  4. Apple & Cinnamon – No.164 – Composition of black tea, cinnamon pieces, white apple, saffron, aroma. Warming and relaxing. Perfect for cold afternoons.

  5. Earl Grey – No.155 – Composition of black tea and bergamot aroma. Proves that a classic can be unbeaten in it’s wonderful flavour and simplicity.


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