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Flavored Coffee – Irish Cream – No.52


Smooth and delicate coffee, with a hint of sweet cream.

Body:●●●○○ Acidity:●●○○○
Intensity:●●●○○ Roast:●●●○○

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BIG DEAL - 25% OFF for 1kg

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Smooth and delicate coffee with a hint of sweet cream. It’s full in flavour, but still soft in aroma giving slight hints of toffee or condensed milk.
This coffee reveals its full aroma when slightly sweetened and with milk.

Body:●●●○○ Acidity:●●○○○
Intensity:●●●○○ Roast:●●●○○

Choose Beans or Grind

Cafetiere Grind, Espresso Grind, Filter / Stovetop / Aeropress Grind, Wholebean


Sampler (approx. 20g), 50g, 125g (for the price of 100g), 250g (for the price of 200g), 1kg

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