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– Pure Arabica Coffee – Flavoured Coffee – Amaretto – No.54


Amaretto Flavoured Coffee is perfectly wide in aftertastes, giving a full almondy aroma with hints of caramel and bitter cherry.

Body:●●●○○ Acidity:●●○○○
Intensity:●●●○○ Roast:●●●○○

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– Amaretto Flavoured Coffee –

Amaretto Flavoured Coffee is perfectly wide in aftertastes, giving a full almondy aroma with hints of caramel and bitter cherry.
Tastes amazing with some black chocolate flakes on top.

Body:●●●○○ Acidity:●●○○○
Intensity:●●●○○ Roast:●●●○○


Classification and awarding the coffee:

Speciality coffee is a product of the highest quality that has been awarded over 80 points on a scale of 1-100. Only genus Coffea Arabica  can be awarded in this way. This species  and grade of coffee is characterised by its remarkable aroma intensity  and complex flavour unlike lower graded types.

“Density / Oiliness” is a sensation occurring while examining a sip of a fresh and hot coffee. It is felt by checking the consistency of coffee: taking a small sip and leaving it on the tongue, optionally rubbing the tongue against the pallet. 

Acidity is a very important component of full coffee flavour. It doesn’t necessarily mean that coffee will be sour or astringent, it’s more felt as zesty and citrusy notes around the aroma. It gives a brew its character and sharper edge.

Depth and richness of a brew, the force that Coffee delivers with the first impression. It’s a combination of intensities of all the flavours combined and definition of how invigorating it makes the drink. Lower intensity means that coffee will be milder and more about the aftertastes. Some consider high intensity of coffee as its  weight or boldness. Especially well defined in mid-high roasts.

Roast is a short term for the longitude of the roasting process giving the coffee bean it’s true character.One coffee type can taste completely different depending on the roast and the altogether bouquet of aftertaste will give different notes. There are five commonly known levels of roasting : very low, light, medium. mid-high  and  high (or dark).
Delicate types like very low  and light roast can be used in alternative extraction (using dripper filter, chemex or french press), but some appreciate them used in pressurices machines.
Medium roasts will give its complexity when used in Moka Pot and no more complicated machinery is needed.
Dark roast otherwise known as espresso type really benefits from using it in pressurised machines like italian coffee machines. Made that way it will give a dense espresso with lasting and prominent hazel-coloured créma.




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